Monday, October 4, 2010

Malaysia 2011?

For those who keep finding this blog from our original trip, we're now planning a trip back in March 2011! We're planning a northern trip to Kota Bharu and Penang, among other places. So, yes, Malaysia did make as much of an impression as we said it did.

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Melissa said...

Hi Jim ! Thank you for dropping by my blog. :)
So glad to hear that you enjoyed your previous trip to Malaysia !
Well, I have only stayed at the Primula and yes you're right, it's nearer to the beach and town. The resort is old, looking a bit run down from the outside, but the insides are refurbished so they look pretty okay. Breakfast was average. Hehe. The deluxe room I stayed in was quite small, but it was comfy, nevertheless.
Riyaz on the other hand, is beautiful and it's nearer to the airport. I've only been there for dinner twice. Judging from the exterior, it looks cosy and if you're looking for a peaceful & quiet stay I would suggest you go for Riyaz as (I think) the rooms are far away from each other. You can always take a cab to the beach. But if you're just looking for comfort and easy accessibility to the beach & town, you should go for Primula (which is slightly cheaper if I am not mistaken).

I am no expert but I hope this helped ! :)