Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 12 - Dinner -KL - Restaurant Seafood Paradise

By Jim

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We had planned to go out to Eden Restaurant for dinner in KL, to get some good seafood. But the taxi driver suggested another place, Restaurant Seafood Paradise. He said it was all halal, very fresh seafood. So, we decided to take a chance on it. We got there around 7:00PM, and it was fairly empty. Empty, except for the wall of aquariums full of fish. We were quickly seated, and offered menus and asked to pick out our dinner.

I should say that I'm not too squeamish. I can catch my own dinner, fillet it, and cook it up. This bothered me, though. One, because I wasn't sure how to pick a good fish out of the tanks. I'll tell you the other trouble at the end.

Our server, I think a manager there, could tell I didn't know what to get, so she made a few suggestions. We selected a parrotfish for two as the main course, steamed, then went to the shellfish table for some emperor clams for an appetizer, and the prized water spinach as a side dish. Soon I saw a guy walking up to get something out of the aquarium. It was our parrotfish.
First up, our clams, topped with garlic, green onion, and cilantro. They were tasty, and Barbara ate one or two even. She's not a big mollusk fan, but liked these.
Next were the parrotfish and the water spinach in spicy sauce. They were both very tasty. The fish was very good, and enough for two.
It was a very nice dinner, and a nice way to end the day. We decided that this was the way to celebrate my birthday. I had my birthday back in February, but I was so busy preparing for the seminar that we didn't do anything to celebrate it.
It was pricey. Just the fish was RM180, about $60US. This was at RM120 per kilo, so he was about 3 lbs. With the clams and spinach and beer, we ended up spending $100US. It was good, though.

I had one problem, though. I like eating fish, and I like fishing, and I am willing to kill my own catch. I felt a bit bad for our parrotfish, though. He had been caught on a reef somewhere in the ocean. Instead of a quick, relatively painless death on ice, he was put into a tank to swim around until someone like me picked him out. Who knows how many days or weeks he was in there. I prefer places like Top Spot in Kuching, where the catch was on ice, and already dead quickly, rather than the life in the tank.

We had heard that the Trader's Hotel SkyBar had a great view of the Petronas Towers. We started walking in that direction, hoping to get a cab. We didn't get one, but found that we weren't that far away and ended up walking there.
We got this great picture of the most iconic image of Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia. We then walked over to the mall and the Cold Storage market for some souveniers, kaya and tea to take home, cigarettes for me, and another great picture.
I loved having my wide angle lens for pictures like this. After this, a quick walk back to the hotel and crash out for the evening.

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